Mixed Media Artist


"My life is like my art, a work in progress"

Through his various training in the arts such as traditional song, dance, calligraphy, sumie (Indian ink painting) and flower arrangement, he has found himself surrounded by numerous traditional and modern artists in Kyoto.

Peter has trained his eye to capture the real beauty of his subjects and their world with appreciation and understanding of their vigorous artistic training, as well as the use of “Ma” or “Kuukan” empty time or empty space. This combined with his western up bringing gives him a unique perspective to create a fusion of traditional and modern techniques which he incorporates in all his work. He exhibits regularly and his works are collected by patrons from around the world.

*For commissioned artwork in any specific or a combination of his studied genres please contact him directly.

You can also find Peters other projects and businesses here: Kyoto Sights and Nights